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tv   Cleveland 19 News at Noon  CBS  August 25, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> tia: now at noon on cleveland 19 news, violent weather spawned a string of damaging tornadoes across the midwest. more than 21 twisters were reported yesterday in central indiana and ohio. >>ra damaged or destroyed but fortunately no one was seriously hurt. >> tia: that is good news. mike pence is touring kokomo, the hardest hit city right now. jerrica duncan reports on the winds of up to 165 miles per hour. >> reporter: a violent outbreak of tornadoes tore through the midwest wednesday injuring more than a dozen people, ripping the roofs off of homes and leaving
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destruction. >> i just heard thunder and rain. i didn't know what was going on. and i just looked out and went -- oh, my. >> reporter: a massive ef-3 twister barreled through kokomo, indiana. frightened customers inside this restaurant watched as the powerful winds leveled a starbucks. >> oh, my gosh. starbucks just got blown over. >> reporter: no one inside was seriously hurt. >> i heard a loud my ceiling caved in. >> reporter: witnesses say it took just seconds to tear apart this apartment complex. kathleen marsh took cover in her bathroom. >> it blew my window out and then that was it. i just ran downstairs. i was just so scared. >> reporter: hundreds of people were forced out of their homes in howard county and more than 35,000 people were reported without power across the state. >> we will be here as long as we need to be -- >> reporter: stepping away from
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governor and republican vice presidential nominee mike pence said it was remarkable that no one was seriously hurt. >> i want to say hoosiers are breathing a sigh of relief after a very tough day of weather. but, there's a lot of hurting families out there. and, i encourage every hoosier to remember these communities in their prayers. >> tia: so much damage done there. well, last night's storms did travel into northwest ohio, as well, causing paulding, defiance and bowling green areas. mangled siding and tree limbs littered the roads and power lines were down. several roads had to be shut down altogether. more severe storms are forecasted across the central plains and ohio valley today. with that, we will go right to meteorologist jon loufman to check on the storms headed our way this afternoon. hopefully nothing severe. >> jon: you bet. keep your fingers crossed. an ef-3 is a big tornado.
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a three doesn't come along very often. this afternoon, there is the possibility that we will see some severe weather. severe thunderstorm defined as one that produces 58 mile an hour winds and/or three quarter inch diameter hail. the next couple of hours to around 8:00, the prime times. and we will be on top of it all tracking the possibility there's a slight risk in the area here in yellow. that is most of us as we make our way through the late afternoon and early evening we will be on top of it all. jeff tanchak is already here tracking storms. nothing on ford first alert doppler max right now. clouds moving through, breaks in the cloud deck are not going to help us. we see temperatures climb and humidity levels climb. it's tropical out there already. the fuel for the storms is there. the storms themselves on the horizon moving through along with weather disturbance that's already in indiana. where will it be next? who will be next to get the rain? i'll talk about that coming up
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hour by hour through today and take a look at the next seven. >> laura: thanks, jon. the overnight storms may not have been severe but they did cause some flooding. this low-lying section of road at east 105 and quincy was blocked by police because of the high water there. as always, we remind you when you see water on the roadway, turn around, don't drown. it takes very little water to wash a vehicle away. rescue crews in central italy are racing against time to wednesday's deadly earthquake. italian officials put the death toll now at 241 with many many more that are injured. we have the latest from amatrice. >> powerful aftershocks are collapsing more buildings and sending clouds of dust into the air, a day after a massive 6.2 earthquake flattened most of this historic village.
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aftershocks one as strong as magnitude 5.1. they are making it much more difficult for rescue teams to search for trapped victims. this firefighter says the focus is still on finding people alive. but, it's a race against the clock. crews worked through the night sifting through the debris. police are keeping this winding mountain road clear for workers who are bringing in more equipment to help in this massive rescue effort. in another hard-hit town, a rescuer went through the rubble this survivor retrieved a box of personal items from his destroyed home. he says last night we slept in the car. tonight, i don't know. more than 1,000 others have camped out in temporary shelters as they face an uncertain future. >> laura: italy's premier visited the quake-affected zone wednesday and vowed to rebuild. >> tia: some sad news to report
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businessman tom ginley has died. the autoship owner passed away last night. he was hospitalized at the cleveland clinic in june. he was 73 years old. >> laura: we are learning more about the shooting on i-77 in canton yesterday. the woman targeted was erika lari son of louisville. the woman was driving her mini van on 77 southbound near don scott field when someone shot at her. the bullets hit her hand and grazed the >> tia: a north ridgeville sex offender held on a quarter of a million dollars' bond earl evidencington arraigned via video for failing to register as a sexual predator. he's been convicted of raping a child before and this week, north ridgeville police found him camping in the woods near lear north elementary school. it looked like he had been there for quite a while this summer. police are asking parents to check with their children to see if they had contact with him.
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inappropriate conduct with a student. ty merkle plead guilty to sexual battery charges involving a 15-year-old girl. he started working for the school district in 2012. >> tia: and a former waste collector whom carl monday caught abusing the overtime system received his sentence today. tyronza smith must pay more than $200 in restitution and serve 30 days behind bars. he will also be on probation for 150 days. smith was fired from his job exclusive investigation. >> laura: coming up on cleveland 19 news, some motivation to lose those extra pounds you might have packed on recently. next in our health alert, it could lead to disease down the road. >> tia: and a favorite restaurant in northeast ohio is moving into the huntington building on public square. we have answers about what's going in there. that's coming up. >> laura: plus we have all ordered a cake for a special occasion. right?
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see the controversial cake
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>> laura: welcome back. more reasons to keep your weight in check in today's health alert. international researchers say excess weight and obesity can lead to cancer of the stomach, liver, gallbladder, overry, brain, blood and thyroid gland. the findings published in the new england journal of medicine
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studies. in 2002, there was sufficient evidence linking weight gain to cancer of the colon, esophagus, kidney, breast and uterus. and a new study finds fish oil supplements may be able to reverse the effects of a high-fat diet. brazil researchers conducted their study on mice that had been fed fatty food for a month. the mice that also consumed fish oil weighed less and were less likely to develop type 2 diabetes. get hungry. downtown clevelanders no longer have to go over the border to lakewood to eat at melt. melt bar and grill is opening a public square location next month. cafe 200 public square is slated to open september 12. so you have a little bit of a wait. and the huntington building is where they will be located. it will feature a new melt quick-service counter similar to the one at progressive field. well the f.d.a. says they
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cream factory. the f.d.a. said they found traces of listeria on the floor of the prep room and around a floor drain. it's the same dangerous bacteria that shut down jeni's last year two times. the f.d.a. said frozen flavor products are still exposed to listeria. two of 75 environmental swabs tested positive for the bacteria. the identical bacteria was found in the ice cream just last year. more into like a grocery store. you could be looking into a new way for you to do your shopping. click and collect. that's what this would be called. u.s.a. today reports the online giant is considering drive-up grocery hubs. customers would buy online and then pick up their items. >> laura: that sounds nice. well, weddings can be expensive even if you are a guest the average price of a wedding gift is now approaching -- get this -- $200 bucks.
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groom. now according to a retail me not and kelton global survey, 41% of invited guests give a gift whether they go to the wedding or not. if it is an immediate family member, those polled said they will spend on average $195 bucks, a friend $89 bucks. if it's a co-worker, you are looking at about $63. >> tia: $63? that's cheap. but $200, that's so expensive. parents are up in arms o school bus policy. see why they aren't just claiming censorship, but racism. >> jon: and we are tracking the possibility of some severe weather as we make our way through the afternoon and evening hour by hour, i'll take you through it all coming up.
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teachings, profanity and violent lyrics and the district will be updating its rules. >> tia: they should. because, i think that is, you know -- a little stereotypical to go in and say all rap music has bad lyrics. you listen to rap. they aren't always cussing in every song. >> laura: i think they were trying to give a vague description and they should have just said what they wanted there. just said. >> tia: no profanity. >> laura: but the thing that's hard is how can you target somethinef you can't be like you can't play music when it has curse words. >> tia: you can censor some of it. a cake controversy in california. a trans gender cake creation is getting a lot of reaction all over social media. you have probably already seen this. the freeport bakery was given a special request. this is out of sacramento, california. and this is what they came up with. then some people took their playful image and turned it into
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>> first i was shocked and then surprised and then i thought -- well, you can't make everyone happy. >> it's just too bad that you have to pick on a cake. >> tia: they are saying it's just a cake. the bakery owner says people have been stopping by with messages of store but she did lose some facebook followers over the ken doll cake . >> laura: don't eat the cake if you don't want to. >> tia: or admire it and keep going. >> laura: somebody ordered it. they made the cake for the person who wanted the cake. >> tia: not you. >> laura: we are all in everyone's business, are we not. >> tia: we are. he's in our weather business and we need him to be, don't we. meteorologist jon loufman. >> jon: the business might be serious today simply because we have the possibility of some severe weather. there's the area in fact let's head right down to county level. you can see just about everybody in here is under the slight risk of a severe thunderstorm this
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so, that's pretty much covers all of the territory in our viewing area. we will be on top of it all again, meteorologist jeff tanchak already here as he typically is this time of day to track storms as they come through. last three hours pretty quiet around here. sun peeking through not a good thing. the more heat you get, the more volatility in the atmosphere. and an atmosphere that's already laden with moisture. it's been deep. you can feel the soupiness as you nearest storms here. this is what i am watching. take a look just west of kalamazoo and south of south haven and you will see what popped up here. this may be the beginnings of what is coming our way through the afternoon. we will be on top of it all as we make our way through. futureview, let's stop things down as we make our way into the afternoon. here's the 5:00 stopdown. watch the flashes of red and orange as we go through the 7:00 hour. so, this is the evening commute.
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and, look. very, very little left over. a random leftover isolated shower. this is going to be a relatively short-lived event. no promises that anything will get to severe limits, but that is a possibility that we want to keep an eye on and you want to know about. that's why we are alerting you to exactly that. on our way through, we will make temperatures climb into the upper 80s to near 90 today. it will feel much, much hotter than that when you couple the heat with the humidity. this, by the way, is shi it's our cleveland 19 weather app and, it's a free download. you can track the radar right along with us. you can customize it to your own neighborhood. it's really a valuable tool. i suggest you download it. scattered showers and storms today. 90ish, give or take a couple. high humidity feeling much, much warmer and that soupiness is going to be triggered by the front that is currently in indiana and is headed our way.
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possible, possible as well there. scattered is key. rain and storms end early tonight as we dip to 68. whole different kind of a day tomorrow . 83 degrees. sun clouds mix. lower humidity levels. look, light northwest winds. that means they will be coming from canada. it's going to feel very, very different tomorrow. so, 90, red-alert day today. friday, we are fine. race for the cure, 85 and sun clouds mix. sun and sunday. 87. at this point i have to mention the slight risk of a shower or a storm on tuesday and monday. and then a more seasonable 82 as we head to wednesday under partly cloudy skies. average high this time of year is 80. if something pops through the course of the afternoon and evening, we will be on top of it all tracking it and letting you know who will get what when, all coming up. again, jeff tanchak's already here. >> laura: talk about looking
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last year if you remember. >> tia: rain rain. >> laura: a washout. >> jon: no fun at all. this year should be better. >> laura: this is a familiar sight. we are familiar and tia, you got to go. check out this. maria's sunflowers are blooming. the field off i-90 in avon is in memory of a little girl who died from a brain tumor nine years ago. maria's shop is on the premises. it sells hope shirts and other awareness items to raise money to help all kids fight this i'm telling you it's right by jon's and my home, right down the road from cabella's. you got to go see the sunflower field. it's beautiful. well the wayne county sheriff's office is asking for cards for a six-year-old wooster girl battling a rare form of brain cancer. >> i'll ask you to do the same thing i asked for joey earlier this year. send a card of encouragement, throw a gas card inside if you
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>> that's on the wayne county sheriff's facebook page. little madison just had a large tumor removed from the brain and will now undergo chemo until next may. you can send cards for her to the wayne county justice center. the address is on our website in the seen-on section. >> tia: also sending some prayers her way as well. well one of the highlights of a new school year is watching friday night football but it comes at a risk. good news, though. one northeast ohio hospital has a way to help you tackle concussiongh your hand . that story and more come on cleveland 19 news starting up at 4:30 a.m. >> laura: all right. well, cleveland 19 news at noon, we are going straight to the dogs. i can't wait. we have a viral video that will have dog owners shaking their heads. >> tia: i can't wait to see it. and we are checking in on these cute little puppies transported from the louisiana floods to geauga county. we are asking when they will be up for adoption.
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>> tia: this is a cute-cam alert. the geauga county humane society says the pups we showed you from louisiana the other day aren't quite ready for adoption just yet. they will get their check-ups and behavioral assessments. find out when they are ready by chickening out the link on our
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everybody's going to want one of those puppies. laura and i both have dogs. right? and when they do something they know is wrong, they are ashamed of themselves. they kind of have their heads hanging low just like humans. >> laura: yeah, and that's why this video right here is so funny and it's going viral. from buenos aires, a man posted this video of him confronting his two dogs with a chewed-up insole. he's asking which one did it. during the interrogation his bull cracks. the pit bull tries to behind behind his friend and a presidented plant. there's nowhere to go. my dog's thing is taking out tissues. if you walk by the bathroom, she's like -- you know, even it she didn't do anything. >> jon: saying forgive me, please. >> laura: even if i didn't do it. yes. >> jon: all right. possibility of some severe storms this afternoon. we will track them all as they
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and thank you so much for joining us. the young and the restless is up
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